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can we skip this whole “college” thing and go straight and go to the part where i have a really awesome job and spend all my time traveling?

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“I’m an adult” I whisper as I try not panic while I’m filling in all those forms that I don’t understand.

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We should fear this guy

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Luca and I. Gaia took this.

cutest photo ever (help)


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I guess by now I should know enough about loss to realize that you never really stop missing someone - you just learn to live around the huge gaping hole of their absence.

Alyson Noel

Everything you love is here

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We lame

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You need to understand that I’ll never be the girl that begs you to stay. If you decide to walk out of my life, I might be sad for a little while but know that I’ll never chase you. I’ll just let you go.

Midnight thoughts (I may love you, but i’ll never need you)

this fucking hit me so hard this is so real

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